Sagada has two climates, Wet and Dry Season. If you want to visit Sagada in a cool climate, Visit Sagada from November to February (Wet Season), you can experience temperature drop as low as 4 degrees Celsius, this time is good for treking hindi mabanas 🙂 . Then Dry Season in Sagada is from March to May, so it can be hot and Dusty, The rainy season in the philippines starts at June to Oct. Before you book or finalised your travel better check weather updates. 


Things to do in sagada when we visit in in a travel tour. We avail the travel tour at Travel Galore Agency. Its quite good the cheap. Limited time but enjoy. And importantly no hassle in the mode of transportation and also finding place to sleep. 

Our Itinerary:

Day 0:  10pm ETD at MOA Parking. Most of travel agency do this. They meet their clients at MOA Parking Beside SMX Convention Center. Tip: Arrive early so that you can pick a seat that is comfortable because its a long drive. And you cannot reserve a seat. Most travel agency use “First Come First Serve Basis” because of joiner wants seats at the back or if you are a couple in a joiner trip, you always want to seat beside your special someone. 

In our part, because we are group of four and from Batangas, Batangas is a two hour (2h) drive in manila depends on the availability of the Bus. We depart at 6pm and Arrive in manila at 7pm. Then dinner at MOA. Then meet the agency Van .

Day 1: Banaue and Sagada Town Tour

8am: We arrive at Banaue Rice Terraces, this is On Pax account. There is no restaurant only a carinderia/eatery that has a menu of cup noodles, bread and coffee. 

9am: Travel Galore start the tour, View Deck of Banaue Terraces, Mt. Polis, Bontoc Terraces

When in Banaue Rice Terraces View Deck, you can try the wooden Bicycle free of charge, just asked it on the locals.

12nn: We arrived in our Transient House which is Sagada Valley View Inn. Price starts at 720PHP per night good for 4People. 

Nice and Comfy, No need for aircon because sagada is a cold place. Because of long travel, we get tired and end up in a shirt nap. The tour guide’s call time is 2pm for the eco valley tour.

1:30pm: Get ready for the eco valley tour, make sure you have trekking slippers, and comfy clothes. Eco valley tour is trilling. If you love nature, you love this trek

2:00pm Central Sagada Eco-Tour

  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
  • Eco Valley
  • Hanging Coffins
  • Sagada UnderGround River
  • Bokong Natural Swimming Pool
  • Canyon and Rice Fields
  • Sagada Weaving
  • Rock climbing in Echo Valley Cliffs
  •  Cemetery and Calvary Hills
Sagada Hanging Coffins

This eco tour is good for 3 hours, this tour also accompanied with local tour guides. They shares stories and belief behind the nature and culture of Sagada. The guides is very fluent in English so that tourist easily understand each stories when we passed trough each points. 

Start behind small coffins: The guides share us why the coffins are small, The Igorot people of Sagada have traditionally ‘buried’ their dead in colourfully painted coffins clinging to the sides of limestone cliffs, or piled up at the entrance of caves. They believe these methods of burial provide an easier path for the spirits to reach the great beyond, as well as keeping wild animals from their remains. These days it is more common for locals to bury their dead in cemeteries – although there are still a few locals who choose to be buried in the traditional way. When you visit the hanging coffins you can see also the hanging chairs, why they have chair? because Igorots of Sagada buried in a sitting position, that why coffins are small.

5pm: Back to Lounge and Free Time

In this free Time you can visit the town in your own. You can walk around the town, You can check nearby shops and restaurant. 

List of Places you can visit

  • Try the mountain tea
  • the famous yoghurt of the Yoghurt House 
  • the lemon pie of Sagada Lemon Pie House
  • Taste the local delicacy called Pinikpikan or battered chicken
  • Salt and Peper

Note: There is no Fast Food Here in sagada, Try the local food, pricey but at least you try their native delicacies.

Day 2: Southern Sagada Tour

6am: Breakfast on Pax Account

Food in Sagada is pricey. This meal is 200php at Sagada Valley View Restaurant. Most restaurant here in sagada offers delicious food. All crews and locals are friendly and accommodating. Most houses have a dogs, a friendly dogs. They are charming and very sweet.

7am: Call Time for Optional Trips

Option A: Course Caving

The most popular location for caving activities. Here in Sagada you can experience 3 popular Caves. Sumaging, Lumiang and Balangagan Cave. Tourist can explore the ancient burial grounds and magnificent rock formation inside the cave. 

Sumaguing (Short Course) may take at approximately 2 hours with an average difficulty level. For Sumaguing Cave one can enjoy Rock Formations, some rappelling and rock climbing.

You can visit the different view point and much adventure hiking. If you are seeking for adventure do the Cave Connection – 4 Hrs Cave Spelunking from Lumiang/Burial Cave to Sumaging/Big Cave that cost P400/pax. 

In this option you visit:

  • Dokiw Hanging Coffins View Point 

  • Lumiang Burial Cave Entrance 

  • Sumaging/Big Cave entry & exit pt.

  • Rice Terraces View Point

Things to consider in Caving

Planning to take the Cave Connection Spelunking Tour. Let me share with you some tips that you might want to consider. Wear a sturdy pair of sandals with a good grip. While shoes make perfect sense in many trekking tours, a pair of sandals with straps around the ankles and feet will work best (I think). Although many visitors who wear flip-flops complete the tour scratch-free, I do not recommend this to everyone because it tends to slide everywhere especially on wet areas of the cave. There are slippery parts so make sure your footwear has good grip. Bring a flashlight. Get the type that you can strap around your head. Your guide will bring a powerful lamp (sounds magical, huh?) but it pays to have a light source that you can control so you can see more and better. Wear light clothes. You will get wet and dirty. There are pools (and they are really cold) inside and you will have to dip in them in the course of the tour. There are shower rooms at the store near the mouth of Sumaguing Cave. Should you wish to take a shower, you may use them for a minimal fee. Bring a waterproof, shockproof camera. You can still use an ordinary camera and let one of the guides hold it for you, though. They really have this Spiderman-like balance-thing going on about them that they seem to not slide or fall or whatever. But to be on the safe side, just bring a water-proof, shock-proof camera. Implement a buddy system especially if you’re a big group. The guides always check if the group is complete. You can make it easier for them if you do a buddy system. Listen to your tour guide. They go in, around, and out of this cave more often than you can imagine. They know what they’re talking about. Listen to them. It’s for your own safety and pleasure. And of course: Wear a pair of durable shorts. Your flexibility will be tested here and the last thing you want is to unintentionally show while trying to go down and everyone is looking up. Wear Leggings or sports short under neat on your shorts.

Option 2: Sagada Town Tour

In this option you can do:

Sagada Orange Picking, You can Pick fresh oranges straight from the farm at 50PHP/person, they give you gloves, plastic bags for oranges and a fruit scissors. Pls also be mindful that the farm specially in wet season is slippery. After you pick oranges, you will go to cashier to return the gloves and scissors. They weigh your pick oranges 100/kilo if I’m not mistaken.

Sagada Pottery, Siegrid spoke in beautiful English accent, explaining first how pottery was started in Sagada. Where they source the clay. How the pieces are made to end up food-grade and microwave-able.

Next comes a live demo, at a puny rate of only P200 for a group. Anyone wishing to feel the clay on their hands and actually try making a bowl, a mug, or anything can do so for P100. And it is not hurried. 

Sagada Museum, This is located at the town of sagada, This small museum is packed with an anthropologist’s dream of sculptures, jewellery and other Kankanay artefacts. Be sure to chat to the owner, the son of the late founder Christina Aben, who is a font of information about local culture and history. Ganduyan is the traditional Kankanay name for Sagada. The museum is open at 1pm to 6pm. Entrance Fee is 50PHP per person.

5:00 PM Return to HotelI

12:00 NN Lunch

We had lunch at Sagada Public Market (on the basement), There are a lot of Carinderia to choose from. Food choices up to 6 dishes. Food price is 100-200PHP. 

Our afternoon is a free time but some travel tour offer the town tour. You can visit different spots in the town.

1:00 PM Free time for Optional Activity or Own Leisure.

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