Travelling for the First Time

Millenials are seeking for travelling. For first time traveller, there are some rules and requirements inside and outside the Philippines. Philippine passport can travel without visa in 63 countries. You are here to check the tips and tricks how to travel outside the Philippines.

What are the Process at the Airport

The usual process is this:

  • Pay the Travel Tax. Most airline, the travel tax and departure fee are already included when you book your ticket, so please check your ticket. You can also pay your travel tax online at . If not sure, check-in first. The check-in agent will tell you if you still need to settle the tax. At NAIA Terminal 3, the travel tax counters should be on your far right when you’re facing the check-in counters. It’s P1,620 per person.
  • Check in. Present you Itinerary Print Out from airline together with the Travel Tax receipt, printed ticket and passport to the check-in agent. The Agent will give you your boarding pass and put some sticker if you have a check in baggage.
  • Fill out a copy of Immigration Form (aka Departure Card). You will get it at the Check-in Counter. Note that you will need to indicate your address abroad (address of the hotel or the friend you’re visiting).
  • Proceed to the Immigration Booths.  Present your Passport, Departure Card, Boarding pass and Print out booking details. They will be asking questions like: How long will you be staying abroad? What are you going to do? What’s your occupation? Where will you stay? The key is to convince them that you’re going there to tour and not to find work. When they’re satisfied, they will put a stamp on your passport.
  • Final security check. Remove all gadgets and metal items (including belts and coins) from your body. Remove your shoes only when instructed.

That’s about it. It’s a long process and it involves a lot of queueing so make sure you’re at the airport at least 3-2 hours before your flight

Check List to Pass in an Immigration Officer


Everyone needs Passport to Travel Abroad. You should have one, a legit one.

Check also the expiration date. Immigration Officer check the validity of passport at least 6months before coming back.

airline Ticket/ Airline Itinerary Ticket

If you are travelling for leisure, make sure you book a roundtrip ticket. Some Immigration Officer are strict in this, because some people are travelling to find job in other countries. You should know also where are you going. And when you come back. This are the most question asked by an Immigration officer.

Also without a roundtrip ticket, They get suspicious and they offload you (Sayang Lahat)

Confirmed Hotel Booking

Print or save your Confirmed Hotel booking. Immigration Officer are also strict where you stay. If you are in sponsor, make sure you have a letter for proof.


Company ID

Your company ID is very important when traveling. Make sure you have one, this is also your add on weapon with your COE. This is also proof that you are employed and not seeking for job outside the country.

COE, Bank Statement, Approved Leave Form


COE are also need when you travel for leisure. They didn’t asked it to show but incase they are doubt in your answer or if you are not entering their country for seeking a job this will be your supporting documents and also your bank statement that you can travel. Note: They are not doing this for a show, they do this to secure you and other travellers for Human trafficking. 🙂


Show Money or Credit Card

Show Money or credit card are not necessary but incase of emergency you’ll need this. Some officer are doubt about your capacity to travel so better prepare this. Prepare at least 200 USD pocket money to show. Enough to buy train ticket.


This is totally not necessary but this piece of paper gives you a proof that you visit that country for leisure. Happy Traveling



What can I do to make sure I won’t be offloaded by the Immigration?

Before queueing to he immigration make sure you follow this:

  1.  Stay Calm and Be Honest. This is the most important. Mostly, Immigration officer easily found people that is over tense and dishonest.
  2.  Bring the following: Passport, Visa (if applicable), Filled out departure card and Roundtrip ticket. They usually also ask for your company ID. Then, if they deem necessary, you will be assessed based on the following criteria: Age, Educational attainment and Financial capability to travel.

    So if in case you are subjected to a secondary inspection, you would want to have the following with you:

    If you’re an employee, Certificate of Employment (best if it indicates your salary and how long you have been with the company.

    If you’re self-employed, a copy of your Business Registration Certificate

    If you’re a freelancer, you should still have an ITR. If your clients pay it for you, you may ask for a copy from the client. You may also ask your client to produce a document that would certify that they have hired you and the details of the project/contract.

    Always have a copy of both ITR and a “Certificate of Employment” whatever you are going specially for leisure. 



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