Puerto Galera 2018 Travel Guide
Tips and Budget

Puerto Galera, officially the Municipality of Puerto Galera, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 36,606 people. Tourism now represents the core activity of the city economy which is well known for its beaches, scuba diving and entertainment activities, including “go-go bars”. The city and its beaches have also become one of the many sites of the Philippines sex tourism industry.

Now that Boracay was temporary closed, Puerto Galera and some islands here in the Philippines is the place to be. 

How to get to Puerto Galera from Manila

Puerto Galera is just 3 to 4 hours away from Metro Manila. To get there, one needs to ride a Bus going to Batangas Pier like DLTB, Jam, Ceres and Batangas Express. You can found this busses in different area in manila. 

  • Bus Terminals near the corner of Taft Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia)
  • Pasay City – nearest Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Domestic Airport.
  • Bus Terminal near Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.
  • Bus Terminal in EDSA corner Kamias Street, Quezon City.
  • Bus Terminal in Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Take an air-conditioned bus going straight to Batangas Pier (shown in photo above) via CALABARZON Expressway. Travel time to Batangas pier is about 2 hours and the fare is less than 200 pesos.

Upon arriving at  Batangas Pier, go to Terminal 3 ( Outrigger Ferries). 

The major passenger ferries coming to Sabang, Puerto Galera and White Beach are: FSL or Father and Son Shipping Lines and MSL or Minolo Shipping Lines.

The maximum capacity of an outrigger ferry is from 60 up to 120 passengers. The ticket costs 250 to 300 pesos, one-way. You will also need to pay an Environmental Tax (non residents only) of 50 pesos, and a terminal fee of 30 pesos. Just ask the person at the ticket counter to point out the pay-booths for those additional costs.

The first ferry trip to Puerto Galera is 7:30 am during the normal season and every hour thereafter, one or 2 ferries depart until 4:30 pm which is usually the last trip to Puerto Galera. If you happen to disembark at the wrong pier or landing site, there are tricycles that you can hire to bring you to our resort

Things to Do in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is blessed with many natural attractions. It takes pride in its pristine environs such beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rivers, interesting mountain areas, rainforests, wild animals, and rare flora and fauna.

Just 5 kilometers to the east of the sleepy town of Puerto Galera is the Sabang beach which is said to be a popular hangout for tourists. 7 kilometers westward from the municipality, on the other hand, is the White beach that is a common choice among locals.

You can choose Sabang Beach or White Beach

Sabang Beach is the main destination for foreign tourists. Sabang beach is best for Diving and Snorkling. Big La Laguna Beach and Small La Laguna Beach are considered part of Sabang with resorts lining the beaches. Big La Laguna Beach is visited by local swimmers and snorkelers.

Sabang area, is among the top diving destinations in the Philippines and in Asia.

The diving generally focuses around the areas either side of Escarceo Point. Marine life is diverse. 180+ species of nudibranchs are found in the area and many species of fish can be seen. A variety of wrecks have been sunk over the years in addition to the one wreck of an engine of a WWII Japanese patrol boat. The major diving federations PADI, CMAS, NAUI and Technical Diving International – [TDI] are represented in the area, offering courses from beginners’ open water to advanced and technical diving (rebreather, trimix). Diving trips in the Verde Island passage, at the heart of the Coral Triangle are organised from Puerto Galera. Many threatened species such as a variety of sea turtles including hawksbills, olive ridleys, and green turtles, humphead wrasses, giant groupers and giant clams are present in the Verde Island Passage.

White Beach is the most popular of Puerto Galera’s 32 beaches especially among Filipino tourists. Come summer, from March to May, Manila tourists flock to Puerto Galera by the hundreds, and during the Holy Week, by the thousands. During this period, the rates of accommodations can increase by more than 300 percent. Private homes are rented out to many who could no longer be accommodated in the more than 50 resorts and lodging inns in in the area.

White Beach, during this time, is the scene of many concerts and festivals organized by big corporations like San Miguel, Smart and Globe. The beach are filled with people, relaxing, walking to and fro, sunbathing, playing volleyball, riding jet skis and banana boats. At dawn, people sit at the beach to witness one of the best sunsets in the country. At night, more people come out to enjoy meals at beachfront restaurants. There are several open-air bars with “gay dancers” and serving Puerto Galera’s trademark concoction, “Mindoro Sling”. There are also many tattoo shops and souvenir shops along White Beach.

Puerto Galera White Beach Activities

White Beach – is a favorite among Filipino tourists.  It has an almost kilometer-long white sand beach and many Filipino managed resorts.

Here are some activities in White Beach Puerto Galera that you can enjoy on your holiday:

  • Island Hopping
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Jet Skis
  • Banana Boats
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Parasailing
  • Sailing
  • Relaxing on the Beach

Any of these activities will make you enjoy your day trip in this awesome beach of the White Beach Puerto Galera.


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Food here in Puerto Galera will cost is around 100-200 pesos ($2- $4)  per meal. 

Some restaurant have different variety of foods.

Along White Beach, there are many places that serve the usual island inihaw for less than a hundred bucks per meal. For instance, there is Food Trip, a 24/7 eatery that serves unlimited garlic rice so you can really make the most of your money. 


Some restaurants that serve cheap but filling eats can also be found farther from the beach. There is Piatto di Pasta, which serves a variety of pastas and pizzas in sharing portions for P145—and the food tastes really good too.

Some restaurants that serve cheap but filling eats can also be found farther from the beach. There is Piatto di Pasta, which serves a variety of pastas and pizzas in sharing portions for P145—and the food tastes really good too.

This sinigang pot cost 245 pesos ($5)  good for 3 people at Food Trip Mang Inasal sa Galera 

This Pancake Volcano cost 289 pesos ($6)  at Food Trip Breakfast sa Galera

This buffet meal cost 1200 pesos ($25)  good for 8 people at Food Trip Mang Inasal sa Galera 

This Ham and Cheese Melt sandwich cost 115 pesos ($3)  at Food Trip Breakfast sa Galera 

Menu of Food Trip Sa Galera


  • Water is relatively pricey on the island, so bring a big bottle that will last you the entire trip—or else select a hotel that has a water station where you can refill.
  • ATMs are also rare on the island, so unless you want to take a pricey trike trip inland, make sure to bring a lot of cash on hand.
  • Come in a big group. Puerto Galera is the kind of island that is best shared, especially because activities and food comes cheaper by the dozen. To go island-hopping, for instance, you need to rent a boat for around P2,000, an amount that will come out cheaper when you fill the boat to its maximum capacity, which is normally 6 people.
  • Early Booking. In the pier some locals will offer hotel. We encounter pricey hotel when walk in. So better book your accommodation 2 weeks before.
  • Book a ferry ticket roundtrip. Cost of the Minolo Shipping Line oneway ticket is about 275 and 250 student. Better book roundtrip for 500.
  • Beware on your belongings. So be careful of your belongings especially if you are going to swim and due to excitement you will leave your important things at one spot of the beach – phone, camera and wallet.

Suggested Itinerary

ISLAND HOPPING with Snokling and Water Activities


8am:             ARRIVAL in Batangas Port (buy ticket to Minolo at terminal 3, pay Terminal fee 50php) Buy breakfast if you want, there are a lot of food stall inside the port.

9am:             ETD to PUERTO GALERA

10am:          Arrival in PUERTO GALERA and Check in in your Hotel

10:30am:    Book a Island Hopping (It takes 2-4 Hours) Buy also pack lunch. 

10:50am:     Start the Island Hopping and Snorking. Puerto Galera Island Tour attractions in a day such as charming Long Beach, Coral Beach, White Sand Beach, Haligi Beach, Bayanan Beach, Underwater Cave, Monkey Beach, and the Giant Clam Garden. 

12:00pm:     LUNCH

12:30pm:     Resume the  Island Hopping

3:00pm:      Back to the Hotel, Freshen Up and Rest.

5:00pm:          Swimming in the Beach, Try water Activities

6:00pm:         Freshen Up

7:00pm:        Dinner at White Beach

8:00pm:      Check Out Night Life (Fire Dancer, Comedians) Grab some Drinks and Chill

10:00pm     Rest/Sleep


8am:             Breakfast

9am:             Hire a Tricycle or Book a Inland Tour

9:45am        Start of Tour/ Pick-up at the Resort and Safety Briefing by Tour Guide

10:00am      ETAto Ponderosa

11:00am      Tamaraw Falls

12:00             Picnic Lunch @ the Beach

  • Reserve Time for Optional Activities (extra items)
  • Mangrove Park
  • Adventure Park: Mudkart 3 laps, ATV 3 laps, Go-Kart 10 laps, Paintball Game with 50 Paintballs, Real Crossbow Target Shooting 4 Shots, Archery Tag Game 10 minutes., Airgun Target Shooting 10 Shots, 15 minutes Nurf battle in our Nurf Arena ( 1,849) Book at: Extreme Sports Philippines

4:30pm          End of Tour/ Drop-off at Resort

 5pm:             Check Minolo Lines Availble Departure going to Batangas Port

7pm:              Dinner

9pm:              Chill or Sleep

Check Out

8am:                Breakfast

9am:               Swimming in the Beach/ Fun Activities

10:00am:        Get Ready for Check out

12:00pm:        Check Out Hotel

12:10pm:        Buy Ticket and Lunch

12:45pm:        Pay Terminal Fee/ ETD from Puerto Galera

1:00pm:          Stop Over Muelle Port

 3:00pm:         ETA at Batangas Port

 3:30pm:         ETD   Going back to MANILA

6:00pm:          ETA     LRT BUENDIA MANILA

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