Most of Filipinos first International travel was the Hong Kong Island. Explore Hong Kong by their culture, nature and best time to visit. Hong Kong Island is the most productive city across asia. 

Although Hong Kong is officially a part of China, Hong Kong is worlds apart from the rest of the country culturally, economically and politically because of its unique history. Hong Kong is also district for shopping and  leisure.



The months of October to March are a good time to tour Hong Kong. The most ideal is October-December, when the temperature remains comfortably cool and the skies delightfully sunny. But be also aware to the weather, check some sites so that the weather ruin your trip. Like us, We didn’t explore the city on our last day because weather forecast on that day is signal no. 8. All stores and some stations are closed. This trip was last October 2017. 

January to March sees clear skies too — in fact, January is the driest month — but it can get too cold.



If you’re coming from Manila, the cheapest plane tickets are sold by Cebu Pacific Air and AirAsia. Watch our for Pisofare promo of Cebu Pacific, sometimes it runs during holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day and etc. Also follow their page so that you get notified when they have a promo. TIP: If budget permits can visit Macau, too! Macau is easily accessible from Hong Kong! If possible, book a flight to Hong Kong and then take a return flight from Macau, or vice versa. This way, you get to see and discover both cities. MNL to HK and MACAU to MNL. 



Since our flight is 5:30am in the morning from Manila, and arrived at Hong Kong around 7:30am, first you need to do is Buy your SIM card at Klook app. 


Tsim Sha Tsui from Hong Kong Airport

If you decide to stay in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, here’s how to reach it from the airport. You have two options: the Airport Express (train) and the bus. 

We booked  in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, we also preffered this area because it’s close to almost everything I want to see. You can walk to the Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong Island can be easily reached by ferry or MTR. Mong Kok is also just a few stations away. There are a lot of money changers and ATMs around. And like I said, when it comes to accommodations, you have a lot of options here.

You can buy a Airport Express, This pass will allow you 1 or 2 single journeys on the Airport Express


The Octopus Card isn’t necessary — you can do away with it and just pay cash each time instead — but since you will be using the bus and MTR most of the time, you might as well just get one. It’s convenient after all. You won’t need to get a ticket every time you’re taking the train or the bus.

The standard Octopus Card costs HK$100 for adults and HK$50 for kids plus HK$50 deposit. The deposit for both standard and children’s cards is refundable when you surrender the card.


Going to TST

At the airport, look for signs to the BUS terminal. It’s right in front of the airport building, you’ll see it immediately after the exit. Board the A21 Cityflyer Bus. Look for the A21 sign and queue. Pay using Octopus Card. If you don’t have this card, you can pay in cash but you must have the exact amount. Alight at Stop 13 (Cameron Road corner Nathan Road) or Stop 14 (Middle Road corner Nathan Road), depending on what’s closer to your booked hotel. Walk to your hotel.

TIP: That’s about it! Before your trip, contact your hotel and ask for the closest bus stop so you know where exactly to get off.


Subway is the main transportation in Hong kong next in Buses. 


Photo by: http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/services/system_map.html

Internet Connection in Hong Kong

You can purchase a 4G/3G SIM Card or rent a 3G/4G mobile wifi. Either way, you can pick it up at Hong Kong airport, for your convenience.


Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Finding cheap accommodations in Hong Kong is easy. The Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, and Central areas are littered with guesthouses and hostels offering affordable rooms. They are also consistently cheap throughout the year, ranging from HK300-HK500 for a double room with Air Condition unit and private baths.

We stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui area in Hong Kong last October 2017 because it’s close to almost everything I want to see and its cheap and convenient. You can walk to the Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong Island can be easily reached by ferry or MTR. Mong Kok is also just a few stations away. There are a lot of money changers and ATMs around. 

For Money Changers, walk to the building of Chunking Mansion, you can find a great deal in that area. Tip: Before you depart in Manila, better to have a USD or change a small portion of your currency for buying the octopus card. Then when you arrived in Hong Kong better to look the great exchange rate here in Chunking mansion, there is a lot of money changer here. Better look for a great deal.


10% off when you book using our link at Booking.com


Get Around in Hong Kong: Tourist Spot

Hong Kong Disneyland. 

How to get there: If you are from TST, Ride a MTR red lane going to Lai King, Then from Lai King, change station to orange lane that is going to sunny bay. This cost around 8HKD. 

TIP: Make sure your full because food inside the park is bit pricey. And Make sure you booked ahead so that you save for the que and also save money. Klook give 11% off. 


Hong Kong Ocean Park. 

Aside from Disneyland, you can also visit the Ocean Park located in the south island of Hong Kong, to get there take the MTR Ocean Park Station Exit B.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is committed to promoting and supporting animal conservation in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. During festive seasons, Ocean Park Hong Kong also organise special events such as Halloween Bash, Asia’s biggest Halloween party, and Summer Splash water play activities.



Nong Ping Village. 

Since we are straight ahead in Lantau Island for the Nong Pin 360, we take a A21 Bus going to Tung Chung Village. This is the first stop of the Bus from Airport. Then you can see long escalator going to Nong Ping Cable Car Station. Klook also provide discounted tickets and also save ques. If you have a luggage with you, you can deposit your luggage in the locker that cost 80HKD per bag.


Lantau Island Tour

If you want to experience the culture of old Hong Kong, you can book a Island Tour for a Day. 

  • Spend a day enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lantau Island, Hong Kong’s largest outlying island
  • Visit the picturesque Tai O Fishing Village in the Western coast of Lantau Island
  • Experience a fisherman’s lifestyle and learn about the significance of maritime history that shaped HK metropolis
  • Taste some scrumptious local seafood delicacies and snacks

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